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Buy "INVINCIBLE"!!Michael would want you to...

Stop by your local music store and by his 2001 album "Invincible" if you haven't already pleez

Hey all you Michael fans, get out there to some music store and buy INVINCIBLE!! If you're a true Michael Jackson fan, then I know you will! Even if you're not that big of a fan and you're just checking out the fan pages, please buy his CD! It's the best CD in the world!! And even if you already have one INVINCIBLE CD, buy another with your extra allowance money! Did you know that if ONE person buys an Invincible CD, you're helping out Michael, and you're helping him and his CD rise to the top of the charts?? You might think that one person as small as you couldn't possibly help out Michael Jackson by just buying one CD, but you CAN!!! You ARE helping him out even if you are only buying a simple CD!! So, please,.. fans like us are the people who made Michael so famous in the first place! He needs us now to help him out NOW! So take your car (or get your mom or dad to take their car) out for a little drive and drive on down to the music store and buy another copy of Invincible!!! Remember..there are 5 different colors on the covers of "Invincible"!! So therefore it's alot of fun to try to track down and collect all 5 colors! (
) It's your best friend's birthday party next week and you still don't have anything to give her! No problem!!!! Buy her the Michael Jackson INVINCIBLE Cd!! Not only are you helping out Michael Jackson, but you're also passing the MJ craze onto your friend, and then HE/SHE might buy the Invincible CD for her friend, and then THAT friend might buy the cd for his friend, etc. etc. etc... (
) But you have a little bitty problem: Oh no! You're mom won't let you keep multiple Invincible Cd's! That is probably very disappointing to you, but you can still BUY Michael Jackson's Invincible Cd without KeEpInG it! Like I said before, you could buy it as a gift for a friend (there are So0o0o many holidays..)! (
) But whatever you do, do NOT burn Michael Jackson's "Invincible" songs off your computer!!! When you do that, you are NOT helping promote the CD! When you honestly BUY the CD, you are literally GiViNg Michael the money for it! But when you burn any song from the cd, you're cheating him, and that is NOT right! If you're a fan of Michael Jackson, you should NOT do that to him! He deserves the money for the CD because he ReCoRdEd it, and that costs money too! So PLEASE don't burn any of his songs!! (
) Another thing you shouldn't do is record his songs from his CD to, let's say, a blank cassette tape (if you, for instance, only have a cassette player in your car or at your grandma's house and not a CD player). That is also a way of cheating Michael out of his money! If you need a cassette tape of one of his CD's, you should buy one from a store, not copy your own! Cassette tapes are normally less expensive than CD's, and if you BUY a cassette instead of COPYING one, you're helping Michael. And you want to HELP him, not HURT him, right? (
) Well THANK YOU so much for reading this; I know it's long! And I hope you take this into consideration. Please spread this information onto your friends and the knowledge could get passed around! Remember: it only takes a simple purchase of one Invincible CD and you're making a difference!! (
) Thanks! And happy listening!, Erin -and- The 'Invincible' Promotional Campaign at www.exclusivelymj.com

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