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Michael Rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You make me speechless

You have changed my life. I was always bored and unhappy before I became a fan of yours.Now I listen to your music all day, I am nolonger unhappy or bored.The Boys in my 6th grade class make fun of me because I am sort of obsessed with you.I don't and won't deny that like most people, because I don't care what people think. It's a free country, I can like your music if I want.I don't know why people make fun of me for my opinion. It's not fair. one boy,Ryan, actually ripped the booklet that came with my Thriller CD.I don't have many friends because of the fact that I am obsessed with you.When people ask me who is your best friend, I say a poster of Michael Jackson in my room. I don't care what they think about that 'cause it's true. You are my best Friend.I love you soooooooooooooooooo much. Please,Please, Please E-mail me.My E-mail address is MJJacksonlover01@aol.com.

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