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Michael Joseph Jackson, 3 word- SIMPLY THE BEST

hey to all the michael jackson fans. Michael Joseph Jackson was born in gary, indianna on the 29th august 1958. His mother is katherine Jackson and his father is Joseph Jackson. He has over 300 awards and is known worldwide. Michael is sensitive Generous nice person. his album THRILLER has sold over 52 copies worldwide, and still hold the title for the biggest selling album of all time in the history of music. His music, writing, talent, dance is incredible he is truly amazing and talented. people are twisted to say that he is a freak, they are just JELOUS of him. my name is Ayse Gunes ive been a fan for a long time now. those of you who like michael i LOVE you and those who dont can get lost. Michael is truly the best. thanks for reading this. i love you bye. heeeeeeeeeeeeee heeeeeeeeeeeeee. Michael if you are reading this i want you to know that you have inspired me so fun, you are amazing. keep it going and remember Ayse Gunes is your Nunber 1 FAN in thw whole wide world. love you so much.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx MICHAEL JACKSONS BIPGRAPHY- michael jackson is, quite simply, the single most succesful entertainer of the 20th century. As a singer, composer, producer,arranger and musician. As part of the jackson 5, michael was one of the most popular singing star of the 70s. Now the father of three children, michael has been hard at work on various projects including spending time in recording studio. If you want to see michael jackson photos check out michael pictures below. If you want to listen and watch michaels videos go to michael jackson. you can find the sites fromthe link below the page.


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