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i luv MJ!!!!!u wanna learn how 2 do the moonwalk?LEARN HERE!

hey ppl!i'm the hugest mj fan that i know (along w/ my friend kaitlin .:~*teehee*~:.)& i'm gonna teach u all the mj moves i know! the moonwalk~1st u start off w/ ur left foot flat on the floor & ur right foot heel up behind ur left foot (never ever line ur feet up or else u'll fall & bust ur booty lol:D)then,use ur right foot (still w/ it's heel up) 2 push ur left foot back behind ur right foot.then u switch the positions.ur left foot now should be heel up & ur right foot should be flat.then use ur left foot 2 push ur right foot back.u keep repeat'n this until u've got it!GOOD LUCK!:-) the sidewalk~this is a lot like the moonwalk only ur go'n 2 the side.start out w/ ur left foot's toe's pointing 2 the left & ur right foot right in front of ur left foot w/ ur toe's pointing 2 the right & ur heel is up.again,use ur right foot 2 push ur left foot 2 the left.then bring ur right foot back in front of ur left & repeat this. the moonwalk w/o go'n back~this is major hard!it takes tons of practice.u start off w/ ur moonwalk position then push ur left foot back & swiftly bring ur left foot back were it was then push ur right foot back were it was & repeat this.

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