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From the jackson 5 to present

Forever Michael

Michael Jackson what a man!Who would have thought that cute boy would grow up to be the greatest entertainer ever!Michael along with brothers Tito, Jackie, Jermaine and Marlon made up the Jackson5 and stormed the charts across the globe!The front man Michael showed so much talent with a voice to die for at such an early age! Their first single 'I Want You Back' introduced the world to the talent of Michael Jackson and his brothers.
Next came the Jacksons. They were forced to leave their name behind after leaving Motown and joing Epic records.They were now The Jacksons.Jermaine Jackson left the group and in came younger brother Randy. They never failed to please with songs such as Blame It On The Boogie and Shake Your Body Down. For their Last album Victory Jermaine returned and they all went on one last world tour.
In between the Jacksons, Michael began his Epic solo career with Off The Wall. The album did well but nothing to his next album Thriller the best selling album of all time!
Since then Michael never really stopped amazing the world with his dancing and albums such as Bad and Dangerous! He dominated the pop world. Michael is sadly given a lot of bad press for a man so talented.He need not worry because his fans will always stick by him no matter what!One thing is for sure no one dances sings and writes like Michael! He is the king of pop and no matter what they say we will always love you Michael!

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