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"AWESOME", Check It Out!

Michael, I need your song "We Are The World" for God's Children! Learn how to stop the end of the world by using your voices!www.godsdreamestate.com I‚??m so glad to bring to the whole world anew beginning, check it out!THE HOLY BIBLE‚??S HARVEST TIME AS IT IS WRITTEN! ‚??WOW‚?Ě CHECK IT OUT, AWESOME! ~Want to learn how to walk on water and also the air? ~Want to comprehend how you are Not God‚??s, but still are the children from a Holy God? ~Want to comprehend the Holy Bible and why we need it and the Jesus Salvation? ~Did you know that Jesus has a twin Sister and this web-site was written by her? GOD'S DREAM ESTATE God‚??s Dream Estate is the unfolding of the secrets of the Holy Bible‚??s Revelation as it is written in prophecy to what is to come, as it passes through the time span in which these things that are written is before every ones eyes as a witness to the truth as it is written. In these time spans this planet Earth is in the same place Noah found himself when the whole world was put into extinction, because of the way the people were as they thought of murder as a part of Holy God‚??s blessings. In these times the people are blind swiped completely backwards by the Anti Christ in its ways. Holy knowledge in its proof is mandatory to the people of to world to stop this extinction. In prayer, love and hope that the people of the world will wake up from this Bull Shit and proclaim the truth that is found in this Sister‚??s Little Holy Bible Book and stop this madness! I am in the original estates that the Not God‚??s were created from in the anew of those days of old! To bring complete healing to the Not God‚??s mind, body and soul, as well as to teach comprehensible Holy Knowledge that proves the Not God‚??s are apart of Holy creation. As we gain our royal authorities as heirs in power to repair this planet in its air, land, waters salted and not, Holy Style. Sincerely,Amen! Jesus be with you & Thank You, DebraJean Golden debrajohn.1@juno.com

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