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No Mjsite is not going to be taken down

SO long
It's been years since i've been on this site met so many people on here I would spend hours writing! Still love MJ I was only a teen when I was on this site now I'm engaged about to start a family hope all is well ! :') - Jennell 12/27/17   Read More...
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No Title Entered
It all started when i was born july 22 2006 and my dad been started listening to micheal jackson🌍... And. As i got older my mother and my father got us hooked on too him and then we watched his documentry his movie in 1992 (Jackson american dream) and then... As i got older and older i love him i don't even beleive that he p   Read More...
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Pls leave the date so we know when the last person came. Thanks.   Read More...
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i love Michael Jackson
Michael, I do not Care what people say you're Awesome and Elegant and Loyal Just don't go Anywhere but here Cause if you leave us Kids gonna get crazy Some love is for you Only for you None else (except for god of course)   Read More...
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I Miss This Site!
Omg back in 2009-2013, I used to always come on here and write or read stories. I don't write on here anymore but I do occasionally come back to read stories. I was in middle school the last time I ever wrote on here. Now I'm in college lol ! I'll never forget this site... so many memories (: Xoxo ~ Kay   Read More...
(-3 Votes)

It's Been So Long!
Hey everyone! AlyCat here! I just wanted to say how I've missed this place. I've not been on since 7ish years ago. I was like 12 or 13. Here I am today, almost 21. It's crazy how most of it has changed since I last been here. (Meaning no one hardly comes on anymore, no one chats with each other anymore, etc.) I hope everyone is havi   Read More...
(7 Votes)

OMG its been so long
Helloooo everyone, its been so long since ive been here. I missed it so much, reading the stories, talking to you guys. Brings back dear memories. Still loving this site, and you guys. Xx Mariam   Read More...
(5 Votes)

Moonwalker 3
Michael raising four children he own a music shop he his magical power Sean:gimme that video game zeke I had it first Zeke:no you don't I had it first you are a nonsharer sean Michael:what going on in here Sean: zeke not shareing the video game I had it first Zeke: no he lieing I had it first. Mihael: you two have to sha   Read More...
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aw i've missed this place :')
oh my gosh it's been ages since i've been on here! this was really where i got my love for writing and michael remains one of my favorite people to write and read about. i love this website and everyone on it forever! :) Carly   Read More...
(4 Votes)

It's been so long!!
I haven't been on here in FOREVER!! Best time of my life meeting ppl who shared the same love and passion for Michael as I did! This website is my stomping ground for writing! I'll always find my way back home. Love you all! -Samone <3   Read More...
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