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No Mjsite is not going to be taken down

It has been years, but I think I went by Kimmie on here; At the time I lived in Jamaica. You guys made my childhood and I like to thank each and everyone of you for being my cyber family - It was really fun. We have all gone our different paths in life, and learnt the true meaning on adulting :') . Nonetheless, I hope that we are all happ   Read More...
(1 Votes)

I love MJ
I love MJ even though he is now dead... R.I.P. Michael :( I had a dream the other day that he came to me from Heaven to talk, then today I dreamt of him coming to our class at school even though it is summer... If you like MJ write your name below   Read More...
(4 Votes)

Such good memories!!
I was mostly a lurker on this website 10+ years ago, but I used to be on this website so much!! Itís so nostalgic coming back here, so Iím grateful the stories are still up. MJ forever! April 2022   Read More...
(1 Votes)

Wow... this is still here.
It almost feels like SO long ago I used to be on this site 24/7. I'd say it was about 10-11 years ago. As a young kid, this space allowed me to grow within my story telling and love for MJ. If anyone remembers a guy David on here, that was me! haha. Wondering if anyone still visits this site that I remember. P.S I vote to keep the site   Read More...
(22 Votes)

I'm so glad this site is still up. I used to write on here using an alias lol. I occasionally come back to read my fanfics and... wow. I've come a long way as far as writing goes. I was literally a child but now I'm a whole adult. This is insane! I wish this site was still booming like it once was. So many good writers and great sto   Read More...
(20 Votes)

Testing 123  
(-11 Votes)

I used to come onto this site when I was 10-11 years old being about 10 years ago and more. I made friends on this site and we used to talk a fair bit. This brings back so many memories pre- heavy social media times. Before Instagram, snapchat, tumblr + more where we would make friends by posting stories on here. I wrote one called 'fant   Read More...
(0 Votes)

This site, Tumblr and another MJ forum that has been inactive for at least 5 years were the main sites I would visit during my Micheal Jackson phase as a teenager. After that life happened and I miss it a lot! If anyone is interested in reviving this I think Tumblr would be a good place. I just made a new one: superhighteatime.tumblr.com   Read More...
(21 Votes)

This made me smile so much
I haven't been on this site in YEARS omg. I miss those days so much. It used to be so many teenagers on here back then ahahah Nov. 9, 20 12:24pm CST   Read More...
(21 Votes)

We should revive this
LMao imagine this website with stan culture and shit like that. I wonder how active this website would have been during the whole Leaving Neverland garbage and shit like that. LMAO - September 11, 2020   Read More...
(13 Votes)

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