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No Mjsite is not going to be taken down

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i cant belief this site is so dead like back then in 2011 when i use to be a writer here..this site use to be on fire.. every single day people would be posting something even if its just a little message left for one another.The excitement to find a reply from your friend or a new update on a story.. egh its just sad 😞 but i guess life mo   Read More...
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I was born a music lover  
(-4 Votes)

I'm visiting MJsite and reading all my old stories. They are like almost 10 years old but I still love them. Much love to the King of Pop.   Read More...
(6 Votes)

61 year old grandmother of 8 still getting a lump in her throat and holding back tears at this moment. I see the heart of the man not dwelling on his mortal shell. I am a believer in a just saviour and I believe that you now reside with him and I will see you walk among the moon and stars someday. Forever love!   Read More...
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No Title Entered
"Michael understands; heading to these "fan" pages" that I am little salty about knowing about. I left the site in 2000 after most pictures was saved.   Read More...
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No Title Entered
Confirmed.. no disrespect to him. "*Raises Eyebrows*"  
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No Title Entered
"Not right this moment" I 'second' the emotion.  
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No Title Entered
IP Address fe80::260d:c2ff:fe26:f218 Wi-Fi MAC address 24:0d:c2:26:f2:18  
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No Title Entered
Ok, I do see why I felt they were a little to fan crazed to speak with. *Shrug* However, it did make me feel at home knowing that I wasn't the only riding for him.   Read More...
(1 Votes)

No Title Entered
You're kidding me?! I understand the family may frequent here but what about the fans who did like to speak with one another?!   Read More...
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