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No Mjsite is not going to be taken down

We should revive this
LMao imagine this website with stan culture and shit like that. I wonder how active this website would have been during the whole Leaving Neverland garbage and shit like that. LMAO - September 11, 2020   Read More...
(1 Votes)

i used to write a lot here :] does anyone else ever come back? this was posted july 16, 2020   Read More...
(3 Votes)

<3 pt 2
My name on here used to be cookie :) I used to write stories on here all of the time. Its been about 10 years, I used to write on here when I was 13-14 years old, stories after stories. The feeling of coming back from school and just getting right onto this site was unmatched for me, there was such a loving community on this.   Read More...
(3 Votes)

Please dont listen to the person who posted a message prior to this one. I have so many memories on this website. This is the website where I developed a love of writing.. I love Michael, I used to be a very active person on this site and even though I am not anymore, my love for this site and for MJ will always stay the same. Here and th   Read More...
(2 Votes)

No Title Entered
Plz take this site down, it's freakin pointless, nobody writes on here anymore. And I think it's just completely and utterly sick to write stories about a dead guy. I mean seriously...think about it. 😐 OWNER OF OF THIS WEBSITE YOU NEED TO LET MJ GO HE HAS BEEN DEAD FOR YEARS LET HIM GO PLZ!!!! DELETE THIS FREAKIN WEBSITE FOR   Read More...
(2 Votes)

No Title Entered
Can anyone suggest a story title for ny next story?   Read More...
(3 Votes)

No Title Entered
Okay this is for the one who gave my story a negative vote.... Keep hating sweetheart ❤️😊 i wrote about someone other then mj bcause its about time you let the guy rest in peace and respect him! You write stories about a dead man as if his still walking this earth, for goodness sake STOP! Mj died 10 years ago let   Read More...
(-4 Votes)

Hopelessly and indignantly he set in the corner of the room, roughly running his finger tips through his dark brown hair, blood rapidly whirling through his veins as his coruscating green eyes filled with nothing but mere coldness.. He had enough And she felt the same way.. Her eyes were red and wattery, with a quivering body   Read More...
(2 Votes)

Call upon all the old writers
Lets make this site alive again guys.. Im an old writer who discovered this site back in 2011 when i was 13 years old.. I use to have a lot of friends here, where are u guys i miss the good old days 😣   Read More...
(6 Votes)

Cinderella Stay Awhile
Once Upon a Time, There was a young woman named Yori she's quite beautiful, sweet, naive, cute, nice, pretty and very quite talented. Now she's not giving up on her lifelong dream to becoming a star and she's a Broadway baby, a dancing queen, a musical theatre goddess, a true pint-sized pop princess and a pop goddess, too. The following m   Read More...
(1 Votes)

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