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No Mjsite is not going to be taken down

:) long time
BEEN AGES SINCE IVE BEEN HERE. but i'll never forget it. <3 I'll never forget you MJ.   Read More...
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No matter what, I wil come here
I can be the last person in this site, but the wonderful memories and stories keeps me coming back all the time!   Read More...
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Its been soo long...
Can anyone recommend any good stories on here? Its literally BEEN years since I was on here omg. I miss it. People used to update their stories at least weekly Lol. Dang. Hope everyone's doing great still. Came back because I could never forget this site ❤   Read More...
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LOL I dead remember this site back in 2009-2011. I missed you guys! follow me on Instagram: @colormekiana   Read More...
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Been so long since Ive been on here.
Well, yeah.. the title practically explains it. ^ AND ALSO.. Happy birthday Michael. You are a gem that one doesn't simply forget or even try to. Thank you for my childhood. <3 you made it worthwhile. I love you so much. Cooooookieeeeee   Read More...
(3 Votes)

Happy Birthday Mike
Happy birthday to my baby, Michael Jackson! I miss you boo!   Read More...
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Anyone else just come here to read old stories? I've been coming to this site for years, and although I've never really posted stuff and no one does, I come here a lot just to read old stories lol .   Read More...
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a friend i met.. part 3
here is part 3! enjoy! 😊 as soon as i hang up, i went downstairs to tell mom that he might be able to come over for dinner and he will call me once he is done with his work. my mom is so excited and quickly call my dad at work about this special guest coming over. deep down i felt that i wasnt doing the right thing to quit that job   Read More...
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A friend i met.. part 2
hi there!!! here is part 2, i hope u enjoy the previous part of the story 😊. i hope u enjoy this one too i was shocked for a moment to see that the person who saved me was actually Michael Jackson. i could hardly say anything michael: sara! sara ! (waves at my face) wake up! r u alright?? me: wha..what? yeah i am alright michael   Read More...
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A friend i met..
hello its me, writing again for a brand new story. i try to make it as interesting as possible for your enjoyment. pls note some info must not be taken literally and some characters are fictitious in this story. so enjoy! The night is young and here i am, in my desk where i held on a pencil in my right hand while i played with my long curl   Read More...
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