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I Stole Michael Jacksons Garbage at 15
I was staying in CA with my cousin for awhile & her Dad brought us to MJs house in Encino, so we get hopefully meet him or see him. The first time we went, there was a crowd of fans outside the gate. I remember some lady saying how she's MJs girlfriend & how she was just inside the gate the other day. Yeah......she must have thought I was an idiot   Read More...
(13662 Votes)

How I Became A MJ Fan
I was 9 years of age & always loved music. I was looking through my cousins album collection & found MJ's Got To Be There. I was drawn to it instantly & didn't quite know why. (Years later, I found out I used to watch the Jackson 5ive Saturday morning Cartoons & thats why) Anyway, I insisted on listening to this cute young kid sing. I figured he'   Read More...
(11141 Votes)

Who played the Jackson 5 in Dreamgirls
In the movie ''Dreamgirls'' there was a groop called the Campbell Connection. They were the Jackson five in the movie just like The Dreams were The Supremes in the movie.Teddy Campbell (Jordan Wright),was Michael Jackson.If you seen the movie then you would notice it.I loved the scene were he was listening in on The Dreams confersation.DREAMGIRLS   Read More...
(835 Votes)

My crazy dream about my love
my crazy dream about my love, michael jackson my sister and i was listening to michael jackson song the way you make me feel on a radio station. we was dancing having a good time, then suddenly the radio station said that they was giving out tickets to go to michael jackson house. so my sister and i went crazy and started to run up the phone lines   Read More...
(807 Votes)

Michael Jackson Memorial - MJSite.com
RAKE, IA - Thousands of people are in Los Angeles, remembering a pop icon. But in a small North Iowa community, one woman is honoring her hero with a quiet song... and what was originally a simple website. "It started out as an AOL free site. But I got a lot of hits, so I got my own domain, mjsite.com," explained Shari Hemsworth. Shari star   Read More...
(781 Votes)

Traffic is surging to Jackson fan site
RAKE â?? A Michael Jackson Web site operated out of the town of Rake, population 227, has been receiving 1.5 million hits a day since the King of Pop died on June 25. Fans have been pouring out their grief on the siteâ??s message board. â??Iâ??m happy to be there for them,â? said Shari Hemsworth, who began mjsite.com 11 years ago.   Read More...
(765 Votes)

She pretended to see me Knowing what my eyes told her I trusted her so I gave her my hand to guide me But she pulled me into her From naivety I fell into temptation I lost control of thought, of mind A single flaw A second of time I sucked her poison Then threw her off Only to discover Itâ??s too late to spit it out Iâ??ve swallowed   Read More...
(725 Votes)

No Title Entered
one day i was at my aunts house looking through her dvd collection and i came across mj's number ones. i decided to watch it and i loved it(all the songs and videos) i am now a true fan and i cant wake for him to prelease a new album..i truly do belive he is the greatest entertainer in the world!   Read More...
(518 Votes)

Michael jackson is a good man
michael jackson is a good man! i love mj with all my heart n all my soul. im 15 yrs old and loved mj eversince i was a tiny seed in my moms stomach! i live in the ghetto, and not all ppl loves mj the way i do. the funny thing about it is that everytime ppl see me they say something stupid about mj cause they no imma get mad and tell them off n tell   Read More...
(510 Votes)

Vote Negative on Horrible Stories!!
For stories you hate or do not have anything to do with Michael Jackson, all everyone has to do is vote the story down. Once it hits -15, the story disappears. :) Hundreds of stories have disappeared from negative votes. If 15 people vote, we can get rid of the nasty, annoying stories once & for all! :) Sincerely, Shari MJSite.com   Read More...
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